© Douglas Witmer.

My dad gave me the paper sometime in 2005…and the first “School Papers” pieces are dated January 2006. I’m not sure I thought in terms of notation so much as the paper itself and the fact my dad gave it to me reminded me of my childhood; perhaps that allowed me to begin with a […]

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© Jim Herbert

The degree to which the painter is transformed by their process is the degree by which the viewer can be transformed by, or enabled to “enter,” the painting. It’s not a finite record or exchange, but in the face of that genuine and meaningful articulation of transformation, the viewer does feel it, does “know it.” […]

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© Arnold Mesches.

The more art I see—and I think in 41 years in the art environment in New York I have seen quite a bit of art—enigma is that aspect of an artist’s work that holds me the longest and the thing that separates one artist from the rest. But enigma does not necessarily make you very […]

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