© Debra Ramsay. "The colors of winter," 33 x 40," acrylic on DuraLar, 2014.

Debra Ramsay, The colors of winter, 2014, acrylic on DuraLar, 33 x 40 in. Courtesy of the artist.

When I think about rhythm, the concept of pattern soon appears. The paintings were generated by the rhythm of nature—each season, a year passing. I collected colors seasonally to document how the landscape changes from spring through winter.

My body merged with the rhythm. Returning to the same hiking trail, in the same forest, once, each season; walking, pausing each 100 steps, to take a photo. I digitally extracted a color from a photograph (creating paint to match that exact color) to trace the season.

“For me, the painting also functions as a map, each color marking the location where it was found.”

The patterning of stripes documents the journey along the trail, revealing the colors winter created in the landscape. For me, the painting also functions as a map, each color marking the location where it was found.

Every walk on the trail (each season) yielded 18 colors. 72 colors document the full year. While I captured only one year in this project, I find comfort in how long this rhythm has been keeping on.

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Debra Ramsay is an abstract artist working in the disciplines of painting, drawing and installation. She maintains a full time studio practice in New York City. Ramsay was awarded a 2016 residency at the Albers Foundation, a 2013 residency at the Golden Foundation in New Berlin, NY and in 2012 a fellowship at BAU Institute in Otranto, Italy. Ramsay’s 2014 exhibition venues included Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia in Chelsea, NYC and The Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, NJ. In 2013 she had a solo show titled MAT/tam, curated by Lucio Pozzi at Palazzo Costa, in Mantova, Italy . She has upcoming shows at TSA Gallery in Brooklyn and Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia.

Watch Debra Ramsay discuss her Landscape as Time project with Jill Connor as part of “The Introducing Series,” conversations between emerging artists and advocates of their work.

View additional works and Debra’s studio at Structure and Imagery.

For more information, visit Debra’s website at debraramsay.com.

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