@2014 Andi Schreiber, "Tart," from the series Pretty, Please.

I was tired of feeling so disconnected from my life and myself. As I was cutting up strawberries to serve with lunch I noticed that one of the berries stood out from the rest. I tried to stay on task but I couldn’t take my eyes off this single piece of unripe fruit. @ 2014 […]

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Lani Irwin, "Orange Moon", © 2009

…there seems to be no single truth but many truths when talking about oneself or one’s work. The layer upon layer of ideas, feelings, thoughts intertwine with such ferocity that any single truth seems to elude discovery. Lani Irwin, “Orange Moon”, 2008, oil on linen, 39 x 28 in. © Lani Irwin. Courtesy of the […]

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"Sundial (2007.5)," 2007; Face-mounted chromogenic prints, 30 x 57.5.” © Uta Barth.

For seventeen years I have made work that consists of sequences in order to talk about the passage of time while looking at things that don’t change much at all. For me, rhythm has always played an important role in photography. From the rocking of a developing tray, to a staccato exhibition installation, to the […]

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George Tice, "Shaker Interior," Sabbathday Lake, Maine, 1971.

This is when I love photography; when the medium born to tell a story, doesn’t. No other art form is capable of producing this kind of exchange—giving an expectation of an exact record, only to strip that preconception away, leaving form in its place. In 2012, I saw an exhibition of platinum/palladium prints by master […]

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December (5), 2014, acrylic on canvas, 54 x 62 in. ©Zachery Keating

I felt then, and still feel now, that the best art is internally complex. Even though my technique at the time was essentially reductive (flat colors, clean edges), I was trying my best to avoid simplicity. Minimalism was not, as I saw it, boisterous or contradictory enough to be of life. Maximalism was my chosen […]

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