We started Tilted Arc back in October because we wanted to create a conversation around ideas of practice and intention. We are so deeply grateful to the artists who have contributed fresh and often challenging insight into how art and literature get made, and the essential place that materials, memory, perception and process claim in […]

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© Emilia Dubicki.

Each painting emerges from recollections of places seen and imagined, music and conversations heard, emotions, expectations and anticipation — all of it gets transferred onto the surface through color and structure. Painting is pulling stuff out of mental storage and adding to the supply at the same time. REW/FF: New Work by Emilia Dubicki 30 […]

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© Paul Behnke.

…so much of painting is this. It’s a recalling and churning up of experience and memory that can never be planned, relied on, or trusted. But my process requires trust. I begin with random marks and colors that over time coalesce… . Little by little, the anxiety lessens as…decisions are made and options grow fewer […]

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