Gary Green, Elm City © 2015

If we can see the grace in quotidian landscapes and our everyday routines then perhaps we can begin to make better choices. Gary Green, Elm City, 2015. All images: © & courtesy the artist. BEN LISLEOne of the things that strikes me first when looking at these photos is this tension between a thoroughly human […]

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We started Tilted Arc back in October because we wanted to create a conversation around ideas of practice and intention. We are so deeply grateful to the artists who have contributed fresh and often challenging insight into how art and literature get made, and the essential place that materials, memory, perception and process claim in […]

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© Gary Green.

The generosity of the medium, as Lee Friedlander would later put it, describes the chaos of the backstage scene and its attending excitement: note the missing bulb over the mirror, the awkwardness of Andy shaking hands while holding both a tape recorder and camera, the shadows of guitars on the wall, the lone hair brush […]

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