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"Bilateral Silhouette-092012B," india ink, polymer, acrylic on panel, 11x14."

The more successful paintings for me are the ones in which the figure-ground relationship is less stable; your eye can’t completely fix on a specific area, and the surface is in constant flux. For me it keeps the painting from becoming too easily read. The work of painter Patrick Burns is elegant and seductive with […]

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Jessica Auer Brett Baker Roger Ballen Andrew Baren Steven Baris Uta Barth Paul Behnke Richard Benari Siri Berg Katherine Bradford Farrell Brickhouse Patrick Burns Jennifer Colten Clayton Colvin Guy C. Corriero Michael David Emilia Dubicki Sharon Etgar Alan Feltus Katie Ford Nobu Fukui Marianne Gagnier Ilya Gefter Ellen Goldsmith Brenda Goodman Elizabeth Gourlay Gary Green […]

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