Stefania Heim A Table That Goes On For Miles-2

Here, I give the feelings to my grandfather. The impossibility of believing that his country, his town, (his life, his memories, his friends, his romances) exist…the collision of reality and fantasy that constitute the immigrant's longing. Poetry A TABLE THAT GOES ON FOR MILES The women’s legs look better every year. His basement, still strung […]

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"Bilateral Silhouette-092012B," india ink, polymer, acrylic on panel, 11x14."

The more successful paintings for me are the ones in which the figure-ground relationship is less stable; your eye can’t completely fix on a specific area, and the surface is in constant flux. For me it keeps the painting from becoming too easily read. The work of painter Patrick Burns is elegant and seductive with […]

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© Ken Schles. Audrey on couch. East Village, NY. January 1984

…we only see what we want to see. Some say we only see what we already know. But I think more is possible, that we can be opened to deeper meanings, because all understanding comes through metaphor. Ken Schles, Drowned In Sorrow, 1984, from Invisible City. © Ken Schles. Image courtesy of the artist and […]

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@ Laurie Lambrecht, "Roy with Reflections on the Prom," 1990.

…I started to make portraits of artist friends in their studios. I had a curiosity and need to observe how they were setting up their workspaces and what they were surrounding themselves with. I wondered how they spent their days. @ Laurie Lambrecht, Roy with Reflections on the Prom, 1990. Image courtesy of the artist. […]

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Debra Ramsay, "Summer, Yellow Trail," 2014, 20 x 30," acrylic on museum board.

The patterning of stripes documents the journey along the trail, revealing the colors winter created in the landscape. For me, the painting also functions as a map, each color marking the location where it was found. Debra Ramsay, The colors of winter, 2014, acrylic on DuraLar, 33 x 40 in. Courtesy of the artist. When […]

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